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Magic Knights Introduction

Black Bulls


A boy who was abandoned as a baby in front of the church in the village of Hage, in the furthest reaches of the country.
He is idiotic, hot-blooded and a daredevil. His dreams are to become the " Wizard King ", the head of the Magic Knights, and to marry Lily, a sister of the church!
In a world where everyone can use magic, he is a rare being who somehow has no magical powers at all.
He has a "five-leafed clover grimoire", which is where the devil dwells, although he is unaware of it. He fights his enemies using his trained physical strength, a persistent mind, and a sword that can negate and deflect magic.

Game Features

  • Tactical turn-based RPG that recreates classic team battles

    With fast-paced combat, everyone can enjoy with just one tap.
    Collect original Mage characters to build your own Magic Knights Squad.

  • Top-quality scenes power up battles to a new level

    Built with the UE4 engine and featuring high-quality 3D modeling, this game provides an ultimate interpretation of the classic story, showcasing stunning visual style in battles.

  • Break through Ranks and improve your favorite characters

    Summon Mages and let original Black Clover characters join your squad. Rank up and Promote your mage all the way to the top regardless of grade.
    Time to collect hundreds of mages each with unique styles!

  • Cook, go fishing, and explore the Magic Kingdom

    Players can explore the magical world and engage in activities such as gathering ingredients for cooking, fishing, and relive the original Black Clover in a different way!

  • Diverse dungeons for an enjoyable battle experience

    Various challenges are available, including "Quest" which recreates the anime storyline, "Raid" for advanced challenges.
    Offering multiple challenge modes to quench your battle desires!