03/28 US and CA Server Maintenance Notice

Black Clover M: Rise of the Wizard King will undergo maintenance on Mar. 28 (Thu) 3:50 ~ 08:00 (UTC-5). Please refer to the following details:

03/28 Maintenance Update Instructions
  • Maintenance Time: Mar. 28, 03:50 ~ 08:00 (UTC-5)
  • Maintenance Reward: Black Crystals *220
  • Key Update Contents:
    • Merger of CA and US Servers

If you were previously a CA Server user, you will be migrated to the US server after the maintenance, and your account will undergo the following adjustments. Please refer below for related issues and the corresponding compensation solutions:

  1. Arena:  Your Arena points will reset post-merger. You will need to accumulate your Arena score again, but you'll also have the chance to reclaim Entry Rewards for each ranking stage.
  2. Squad: Your Squad data will not be transferred after the merger. You will need to join or create a new Squad. 
  • If you have any Squad-related queries, please contact the Customer Service Center for assistance. 
  • You won't be able to participate in the current Squad Boss Battle, to make up for this, we'll compensate you with  [4 Milestone Squad Boss Battle Raid Achievement Boxes + 3 Squad Boss Battle Boxes + Daily participation rewards for the remaining 1 day + Burning Time Raid coins of the last level].
  1. The following information will not be transferred, please note:
    • Dispatch Setting
    • Preset Skills
    • Ongoing battles
    • All Ranking-related data