Important ▎Top-Up Fraud Prevention Notice

Dear Mages,


We've noticed an increase in fraudulent activities, particularly with accounts using aliases like “Seller” to promote the sale of Black Crystals in chat channels. Our team is actively blocking these accounts. Given the surge in such fraudulent cases, we are working alongside our development team to introduce more stringent measures and restrictions. These efforts aim to prevent future occurrences and enhance our capability to block these fraudulent accounts more efficiently.


For the safety of your game accounts and financial data, we strongly discourage sharing account details with any third parties for top-ups or engaging in account trading on external platforms. It's crucial to remain vigilant in safeguarding your personal information.

We urge all mages to avoid endangering their in-game assets, integrity, or personal information. Please be aware that transactions involving third-party top-ups and account trading are not secured or guaranteed in any way. If a mage experiences losses due to unofficial top-up channels, they should directly address the issue with the involved seller.


We are grateful for the commitment and support of all mages in maintaining a healthy gaming environment. Our collective goal is to establish a fair gaming space.


For any inquiries, please contact our customer service center. Our Customer Service team is always ready to help resolve any issues.